Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIFIC about?

CIFIC is a free to use Website platform that helps Content Creators link their content through non-affiliated Third-party services to reach their audience expansively.

Is CIFIC safe to use?

CIFIC Website makes sure the Advertising Partners are on par with the highest standards that protects our Users Privacy in their own respective Terms of Service & Privacy Policy while also providing full transparency in our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy about it.

Is CIFIC legal?

CIFIC Website does not host any illegal content and only links to others content through non-affiliated Third-party services that are provided by our Users.

What does CIFIC store about me?

CIFIC Website uses 'Cookies' to personalize your experience in your next visit, these Cookies can be easily managed through your Browser.
CIFIC Website stores data provided through our forms that you fill that helps us provide you with a rich environment, what we collect and store:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Preferences (Bookmarks - Recommendations)
How can I support CIFIC?

CIFIC Website provides many tools to keep our users and visitors safe by interacting as fast as we could through the methods below:

  • Down-Voting: Provides us with information about Users with undesirable content that are abusing our website in disturbing or illegal manner.
  • Reporting: Provides us with information about our provided content that might contain mistakes that went unnoticed or incomplete information.
How can I support my favorite Content Creators?

CIFIC Website provides many tools to help our users reach their audience rapidly in a quick way through the methods below:

  • Voting: Provides the User with information about their most liked content to help their supporters and visitors to reach them.
  • Warning: Provides the User with information about unnoticed errors and mistakes to fix it and keep their content available for their supporters and our visitors.
How do I share my content?
  1. Login into your Account.
  2. Enter the page of the content and click on Add button on top right . (Discouraged: Accessing through Projects page Add button due to Browsers inconsistent behaviour)
  3. Fill the required fields marked by * and other optional fields for better ranking.
  4. Fill at least one in both Embed Links* and Download Links* with your content links.

    (pasting code will automatically set it properly)

    • <iframe src=""></iframe> →
    • <img src=""> →
    • [img][/img] →
  5. Submit and share your content with your audience.
Why are my Images incorrectly displayed?

Image links has to end with an image extension to be recognised and displayed properly.

Allowed extensions: .bmp, .dib, .gif, .heic, .heif, .ico, .j2k, .jfi, .jfif, .jif, .jp2, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpf, .jpg, .jpm, .jpx, .png, .svg, .svgz, .tif, .tiff, .webp
Some image links may allow adding an extension to its link so check it out. →