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Within the large halls of a big house by the sea, Sara and her nanny Yarisa have forged a friendship so intense that it seems like a fantasy. While Sara finds in Yarisa the affectionate mother she never had, Yarisa finds in Sara not only affection, but also the illusion of a more comfortable life, away from the financial dramas of her background. That fantasy becomes affected, though not destroyed, when Yarisa finds herself forced to deal with her past and her biological daughter Mallory. But a rainy night and a muddy road invaded by goats will be enough for chaos to ensue. Like Yarisa, the film also splits: between crime and emotions, between the sea and the muddy roads, between light and darkness, and between those who rebel and those who still dream of belonging. The illusion of a love above any social difference rips to shreds and, in one single movement, reveals the structures that render it impossible.

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