Aigia Fuxia


100 years ago ... Unexpected residents, in a village that hides a past ... Human stories in a place that is haunted by a great secret ... In a Cypriot ethos would anyone say? ...Not at all! In a painting of trees and stone houses? ...Not at all! In a historical series? ... In a series, for every season! 20 characters left out of the old communicate with a different kind of humor, where even the most dramatic moment sprang up on our screens, light and makes us laugh laughter. A hidden love, devastated relationships, greed, intrigues, misunderstandings, twists and grotesque situations, come to revive Cyprus of the 20th century through a caustic writing and a different spectacle! An ingenious Cypriot comedy that combines the old with the modern element in an apt way! A mysterious village that will tempt us to discover it! Welcome to Cyprus that we loved ... through the eyes of the new generation!