S1ngles is a Greek television dramedy series that airs on Mega Channel. The first season made its début, airing during the 2004-2005 television season. The series had a great response from mainly young audiences. As a result of the pregnancy of actress Maria Solomou during the end of the very first season, her character Rania was rewritten as also getting pregnant. The series went under one season hiatus. The series restarted by 2006 with the début of its second season, with changes in the structure of the series cast, consisting as main characters Maria Solomou in the role of Rania and Sunny Hatziargiri in the role of Lila. From October 2007 until February 2008 the series were named as S1ngles 2½, since the stories of the second season didn't come to a close yet. In February 2008 the first episode of the S1ngles 3 chapter introduced new characters and storylines. The show's final episode aired in June, 2008.